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Uribiotic Formula

Powerful UTI Synbiotic*

Appreciated Since 2003

Now, Uribiotic Formula.

When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble… Some people may find it humorous and fun, worth a giggle or two, especially those who love this form of wordplays, called paraprosdokians, often used by satirists.

For many others, however, this paraprosdokian is not just a figure of speech, but the extremely painful and frustrating reality. Why? Because if you’ve got a bladder infection – UGH! – you are indeed in deep trouble, facing a serious urinary health problem that affects millions of people every year.

It is so embarrassing to consult your doctor for the same reason (an infection, again!) and need to take another round of different antibiotics, often through the frustrating trial-and-error method of “problem solving”. But the truth is that urinary tract infections can be successfully prevented, remedied and overcome naturally without the need for multiple rounds of prescription anti-UTI medications.

As they say, the help is just around the corner: our proprietary, all-natural Uribiotic Formula that continues to amaze even the most skeptical people, including medical doctors and other health professionals, the nurses in particular. Why? Because it provides a comprehensive and balanced antimicrobial, antibiotic-like support for the entire urinary tract.

For this and many other reasons, we have decided to go worldwide and share our experience with the public on the Internet. This it the best way to reach millions of people around the world who need help in fighting the urinary tract infections naturally.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Health Benefits and Uses

Uribiotic Formula was formulated in 2003 by Mr. Andrew Mierzejewski, a Canadian master formulator and a registered holistic nutritionist. This unique combination of herbal botanicals is being manufactured in the United States according to the highest standards in a GMP [Good Manufacturing Practice] Compliant Facility.

Here’s the list health benefits and uses of Uribiotic Formula:**

  • antibacterial
  • anti-swelling
  • antifungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant
  • antiparasitic
  • antitumor
  • antiviral
  • bacteriostatic
  • diuretic.

Uribiotic Formula is a specialty phytotherapeutic dietary supplement composed by natural elements with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which contribute to:

  • reduce and/or eliminate infection, inflammation and pain, or hold them in check;
  • preserve the integrity of urothelium and connective tissue of the entire urinary tract.

It also provides synergic favorable effects reducing irritative symptoms as a consequence of lower urinary tract inflammation and of better bladder mucosa integrity. The efficacy and tolerability of oral administration of Uribiotic Formula has been proved by thousands of its users.

**Scientific and nutritional studies support the use of herbs contained in Uribiotic Formula for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and prostate gland infections (prostatitis). These statements, however, have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Why Uribiotic Formula?

It’s a reasonable question.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, not only do herbal antimicrobials support our physical body (physiology), but they also affect our mind and spirit. In other words, they have holistic, food-like properties, which often cannot be fully explained on the basis of the effects of ‘the sum of the herbs’ alone.

This is a fundamental difference – commonly underestimated or just ignored, or even ridiculed – between supplemental (dietary) phytonutrients – natural plant compounds – and synthetic chemicals (drugs), typically distinguished from food.

The biggest disadvantage of taking antibiotics is that, although these common anti-UTI drugs kill the uropathogenic bacteria, they do not heal the urinary tract after the infection is gone. Even more, they often promote the growth of drug-resistant strains.

Uribiotic Formula, on the other hand, not only helps to kill 40+ types of detrimental pathogens, but also – after the infection is gone – helps both to heal and restore the urinary tract’s healthy function, and protect it against future attacks of pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria.

The process of healing, restoration and protection is being done through:

  • modulating the composition of urine,
  • building up normal urogenital flora,
  • boosting the natural safeguards such as the flow of urine, the ureters, the bladder, the mucous lining of the bladder, and the bladder lining cells.

As immune system enhancer, Uribiotic helps to improve the quality and functioning of the uroepithelium, or urothelium; a tissue that lines the distal portion of the urinary tract, including the renal pelvis, ureters, bladder, upper urethra, and glandular ducts of the prostate.

Unfortunately, during urinary tract infections the urothelium function is being compromised. In other words, this delicate and fragile interface between the urinary space and underlying tissues becomes much less effective as a high-resistance barrier to bacterial uropathogens.

A Powerful Synbiotic Formula

Although some may find it debatable, Uribiotic Formula can also be categorized as a synbiotic dietary supplement offering multiple synergistic urinary tract health benefits.

To be more accurate, Uribiotic has synbiotic-like properties and effects, namely: 

  • synergistic – where its ingredients combined together display greater urinary health benefits than either one of them can manifest by itself; and
  • complementary – where each ingredient is independently chosen for its potential beneficial effect on the urinary tract health.

Not an exact “mixture of probiotics and prebiotics”, Uribiotic beneficially affects and improves the function of the entire urinary tract, especially by stimulating and enhancing the growth, quality and integrity of the urothelium.

Urothelium is a unique, highly specialized epithelium – the multi-layered tissues lining the outer surface of the lower urinary tract: the urethra, bladder and ureters; also renal pelvis (an enlarged upper end of the ureter) through which urine flows from the kidney to the urinary bladder.

Relief within 24-48 Hours

Uribiotic Formula is a powerful immune system booster. In other words, it helps to increase the natural safeguards – bodily defense systems that protect the urinary tract against pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria.

It can cause an almost instant disappearance of the painful burning sensation when urinating, the need for frequent urination, and the inability to empty the bladder completely even though you have the urge.

It can also help your to eliminate the harmful bacteria from the inside of the urinary tract without disrupting the normal body functions. It has been found very effective in preventing and remedying both acute and repeated (chronic) urinary tract infections and reduce the need and dependence on antibiotics.

If necessary, Uribiotic Formula can even be a part of a combined antibiotic therapy as it may even enhance the effectiveness of standard pharmaceutical antibiotics for the treatment of urinary tract infections, such as in case of Staphylococcus aureus infections.

Taking Uribiotic  Formula for the first time?

Here’s how to get the best results:

Uribiotic Formula is a different route to contribute not only to your freedom from urinary tract infections, but also to your optimum urinary health. But when, after reading about this self-help method, you go back to your doctor for an opinion, he or she may say sarcastically, “A herbal antibiotic?! Nonsense! Whom are you going to trust? Some guy on the Internet!? I am your doctor. And as a medical professional, I am responsible for your health.” In other words, do what I say or you’re going to regret it.

No, this is not an unfair exaggeration. Just the reality we are all in. Not being sure, then, of who’s actually giving you the correct information, you may face a real dilemma, a serious problem of trust. However, if – despite following your doctor’s routine orders – you are not doing well, then, you should look at your situation honestly and ask yourself, “Am I willing to try a different route?”

It’s a well-known fact that no one is immune to well-meaning but sometimes misguided advice from their MDs. Yes, they are professionals with medical degrees – but not with herbalist degrees. Unfortunately, as herbology (along with nutrition) has been excised from the medical school curriculum, most physicians have been, and still are, misinformed or even ill-informed about herbs. For a reason, of course.

Having said all that, with possible variations from person to person – depending on the diagnosis, degree of urinary tract infection, age of the sufferer, and other existing or pre-existing health conditions – the suggested intake of Uribiotic Formula can be described as follows:

I. Acute UTIs

In case of first signs of discomfort (slight burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination and/or inability to empty bladder completely) you need to take:

  • 4 capsules 3 times daily for 12 consecutive days; therefore, for full benefits, 2 bottles of Uribiotic Formula are needed.

Our ironclad recommendation:

A 6-day therapeutic intake (1 bottle) and, then, an additional 6-day prophylactic intake (1 more bottle) to improve and/or restore the urinary tract’s normal pH, boost the natural safeguards – bodily defense systems that protect the urinary tract against pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria, therefore, to prevent recurring UTIs.

In case persistent signs of UTI (painful burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination at night and/or inability to empty bladder completely) you need to take:

  • 4 capsules 3 times daily for 18 consecutive days; therefore, for full benefits, 3 bottles of Uribiotic Formula are needed.

Our ironclad recommendation:

A 12-day therapeutic intake (2 bottles) and, then, an additional 6-day prophylactic intake (1 more bottle) to improve and/or restore the urinary tract’s normal pH, boost the natural safeguards – bodily defense systems that protect the urinary tract against pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria, therefore, to prevent recurring UTIs.

PLEASE NOTE: When acute nephritis (kidney infection) is present – accompanied by high fever along with sudden retention of urine (a painful urge to pass urine but the inability to do so), you must have your condition assessed immediately by your physician.

II. Chronic & Repeated UTIs

In case of recurrent, repeated UTIs (all the above symptoms along with the need and dependence on, or a history of frequent antibiotic use) you need to take:

  • 4 capsules 3 times daily for 24 consecutive days; therefore, for full benefits, 4 bottles of Uribiotic Formula are needed.

Our ironclad recommendation:

An 18-day therapeutic intake (3 bottles) and, then, an additional 6-day prophylactic intake (1 more bottle) to improve and/or restore the urinary tract’s normal pH, boo the natural safeguards – bodily defense systems that protect the urinary tract against pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria, therefore, to prevent recurring UTIs.

III. After Receiving Antibiotics

After receiving a single course of antibiotics: in the face of compromised urinary tract function, the healing and prophylactic dosage should be administered as follows:

  • 2 capsules 3 times daily for 12 consecutive days; therefore, for full healing and prophylactic benefits, at least 1 bottle of Uribiotic Formula is needed.

After receiving multiple courses of antibiotics: in the face of severely compromised urinary tract function, the healing and prophylactic dosage should be administered and follows:

  • 2 capsules 3 times daily for 24 consecutive days, therefore, for full healing and prophylactic benefits, at least 2 bottles of Uribiotic Formula are needed.

When to Take It?

Take the capsules throughout the day (in the morning – beginning after breakfast, then, at noon, and in the afternoon) away from food, that is either 15 minutes before a meal or about one hour following a meal, each time with ½ glass of purified room-temperature water, preferably alkaline.

Both the early eaters and late eaters should have their morning dose of Uribiotic Formula one hour after the first meal of the day (more commonly known as breakfast).

Also, do your best and try to sip lots of water throughout the day, always purified, room-temperature. Why alkaline? Because it has a higher pH level than “regular” tap water, helps to neutralize acid in the bloodstream, boost metabolism and increase the absorption of nutrients.

Not drinking enough water – an essential, vital nutrient – can increase the risk of urinary tract infections. Dark-yellow urine and/or infrequent urination are some of the symptoms of dehydration – a water imbalance disrupting levels of salts and sugars in the blood, which can interfere with the fundamental bodily functions.

Therefore, adults should consume around six to eight (6-8) cups of fluids or beverages each day. Unfortunately, many women still believe that drinking water causes… fluid retention. In fact, the opposite is true. The body retains water only if there is too little water is the cells. The average adult bladder can hold up to two cups, or 500 mL, of urine for two to five hours.

Cautions & Contraindications

Sexual System

Uribiotic Formula is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy as it can cause contractions of the uterus due to presence of Goldenseal and hydroquinone (via arbutin present in Uva Ursi/berberine).

Pharmaceutical Drugs

Uribiotic Formula should be consumed with caution by patients on a high dose of warfarin (blood thinner) due to the presence, although in an insignificant amount, of garlic which may potentiate the anticoagulant effects of warfarin. (Reference: Fugh-Berman, A. Herb-drug interactions. Lancet. 355(9198):134-138, 2000).

Do Not Stop!

Although symptoms-free, please do not stop taking Uribiotic Formula and continue to use it until all bottles are empty.

If you are prone to repeated or chronic urinary tract infections you should keep an extra bottle on hand and use it immediately at the first signs of infection for the minimum of 3 consecutive days, taking 4 capsules 3 times daily.

In time, you will notice that the frequency of your urinary tract infections begins to seize, making the further use of Uribiotic Formula – with some possible exceptions – unnecessary and/or occasional only.

The Results May Vary

It should also be noted that the results may vary from person depending on:

  • type of diagnosis (symptoms, urine tests and bacteria present), therefore, the type of UTI (cystitis, urethritis or pyelonephritis),
  • degree of severity of UTI (ranging from minor to serious),
  • history of antibiotic intake (as this can be a cause of repeated UTIs),
  • structural abnormalities,
  • age,
  • sex, and
  • other existing health conditions (such as diabetes mellitus and/or any immunocompromised state).

Besides, about half of women with symptoms of a UTI actually have irritation of the urethra, vaginitis, candidiasis, interstitial cystitis, or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some of these problems may also accompany or lead to UTIs.

For Optimal Results

Although Uribiotic Formula can be successfully taken as a stand-alone, for optimal results, particularly in case of chronic, stubborn UTIs, it should be taken in combination with:

  • Oregano Oil (if other multiple strains of bacteria are present), and/or
  • d-Mannose MAX Powder (if E. coli bacteria are present), and/or
  • UT ProbioticsUltra (if antibiotics have been taken), especially when urine culture and/or urinalysis results are available.

Attention Male Adults!

Besides bladder infections, men quite often suffer from undiagnosed prostate infection (prostatitis) and/or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous swelling of the prostate gland.

Therefore, we recommend taking Uribiotic Formula along with another specialty supplement targeted for prostate health, such as European DP Extract.

Spinal Cord Injury

Contrary to a popular belief and common medical practice, people with spinal cord injuries do not have to suffer from chronic urinary tract infections and be exposed to countless rounds of vicious antibiotics.

It is our clinical experience that those who use catheters can successfully control, and most importantly, prevent repeated bladder infections with the help of our Uribiotic Formula.

Therefore, you, or someone you know or hold dear, who suffers from spinal cord injury, should give this broad-spectrum herbal antibiotic serious consideration.

Our Customers Write to Us


I was prescribed ciprofloxin, a very strong antibiotic with numerous possible side effects, for an acute and painful kidney infection. After 7 days it did seem to stop the infection in my kidney, but not in my urinary tract.

24 hours after completing my course of the antibiotic my order of Uribiotic and d-Mannose MAX arrived in the mail. I was experiencing debilitating discomfort when I took my first dosage of both products.

Within about 8 hours of beginning the natural remedy I began to feel relief from my discomfort.

After 48 hours, my frequent urination stopped and I had no discomfort.

I am continuing to take the remedies for another few days to make sure all infection is gone.

I am convinced that if I had have taken the remedies as soon as I noticed the symptoms of my infection, I would not have had to take dangerous antibiotics.

I am continuing to take the remedies for another few days to make sure all infection is gone.

I recommend these products highly, they work and they are safe.

Leona D.

Buffalo, Wyoming, USA

Problem solved! The infection is GONE! I just thought you might want to know this in case you get any other customers notifying you that URIBIOTIC doesn’t seem to be working as well.

I love your product and continue to rave and refer anyone I talk to about UTIs to your website.


Katie B.

Denver, Colorado, USA

Dear Uribiotic Formula Team,

I just finished taking one bottle of Uribiotic to help with my chronic prostatitis and overactive bladder problems.

I can safely say that this is the first medicine-supplement in the last 5 years which gave me maximum relief in my lingering pain as well as frequent and dribbling, hesitant urination.

No antibiotics or herbal supplements gave me a better relief than Uribiotic Formula. And quicker, just within three days of taking it.

I have one more bottle with me. But can I keep on taking them for a long time to get symptom-free totally.

Heartfelt thanks to you for this outstanding product – Uribiotic Formula.


Prince Koul

New Delhi, India


For almost two years I suffered from bladder infection every day! My life changed into a nightmare because of this. Always having to go peeing is terrible! I sold my car and spend about 9,000 euro on doctors and all kinds of supplements. Nothing worked!!

Then I got  pregnant, but I still was sick and did not want to be in pain and with this urgency constantly. I found out it was the Streptococcus B, so I got an 8-hour antibiotic infuse during labour to save my baby from this bacteria.

After the antibiotics, I was finally pain-free! For 4 months only, because the pain came back. I felt terrible again!

Thinking about it all day and not knowing what to do anymore, I did find your Uribiotic Formula on the net! It gave me hope again – and, yes, it helped me to get my life back, finally!

That one product, Uribiotic Formula, was enough!

Thank you!

Chantal S. F.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After 12 days in the hospital – first time in my life and I am pushing 70 – I came home feeling pretty good. I had been dehydrated, lacked vitamin D and magnesium and, naturally, had a bladder dysfunction.

Before leaving I was checked over and had a urine sample taken. Two days later, a doctor called saying I had a staph infection and he had called in to the pharmacy so I could pick up an antibiotic.

My wife immediately went to the Internet searching for something else since I needed to eat, doctor’s orders, and the antibiotic would kill off the “good” bugs, making digestion less than complete.

She discovered the Uribiotic Formula, bought it and it worked. Quickly. I ate, digested food and the infection cleared up.

I recommend Uribiotic to anyone who needs something fast, safe and easy to clear up urinary tract problems.

Robert W. C-P.

Vermont, USA


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