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Approach to UTIs

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Solutions to the Common
Female and Male
Urological Problem
(Cystitis & Prostatitis)

“A big thank you for keeping my bladder healthy! I’m 82 years old and still functioning. All thanks to your advice and great products!”

~ Shirley Yonce in Wichita, Kansas

With our URIBIOTIC FORMULA you are no longer helpless in fighting (another) stubborn urinary infection.

A urinary bladder infection (UTI) may come on suddenly, without warning. Consequently, it can begin a long, painful and frustrating battle usually accompanied by endless rounds of prescription antibiotics, also known as medicinal antibacterials.

Here’s an irrefutable fact, though:

As in all things in life, there is more than one way to get our urinary health back. From this point of view, then, it can be said without offending anyone, that we do not have to depend entirely on the pharmaceutical anti-UTI drugs as standard medicine wants us to believe.

Why? Because, contrary to many physicians’ attitudes, beliefs and training, most of urinary tract infections can be easily remedied and prevented with help of antimicrobial herbs. And thus, our risk of chronic and recurrent (relapsing) UTIs can be greatly reduced.

In other words, we can deal with this common urological problem naturally, that is – with some rare exceptions – without the need for highly specialized pharmaceutical drugs, in layman’s terms promisingly called medications or medicines.

But there’s more to it:  the fundamental difference between synthetic antibiotics and herbal antibiotic-like remedies.

Prescription antibiotics do kill off most of infectious bacteria (pathogens) – but they DO NOT HEAL the urinary tract even after an infection has been declared ‘medically cured.’

And as if that wasn’t enough, along with “bad” bacteria (unhealthy germs), antibiotics actually kill the “good” bacteria, also known as beneficial bacteria (probiotics), that keep infections at bay.

These commonly overlooked “details” – in fact, serious antibiotics drawbacks – make the lives of millions of UTI sufferers unbearable. Yet, none of them have been resolved to date.

Although prescription antibiotics are not ‘cure-alls’ for all, they have become a worldwide medical standard for urinary tract infections.


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“The infection is… BACK!”

Our purpose:
“To help you keep your urinary tract
healthy. In the best natural way.”


Urinary tract health resides outside of the false antibiotic comfort zone!

Know exactly what you are looking for?

See our line of naturopathic

Not sure what to do?

There’s always a better (optimal) way.


Easy to use, safe, time-tested alternative to anti-UTI drugs

All-natural remedy that can help you fight off urinary tract infections as it is:

Thousands of UTI sufferers have proven the safety and efficacy of this alternative – natural, yet powerful – antibiotic-like remedy. No wonder URIBIOTIC has been named “one of the most effective dietary supplements available.”
And what is most important, there has not been a single reported harm done by taking URIBIOTIC FORMULA.

But don’t take our word for it – try it out yourself.

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