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Here’s the sad fact of which I have become painfully aware: From time to time, some “scientific reports” allegedly show that such-and-such herbs or vitamins don’t work or may even be harmful to our health.

For me, these “reports” are a perfect example of the existing and often (still) uninformed prejudice against dietary supplements. The primary goal of such anti-supplement nonsense is simple. Just to discourage their use.

Here’s another irrefutable fact, though: Contrary to many physicians’ beliefs, you can remedy and prevent urinary tract infections with help of botanical antimicrobials; therefore, reduce your risk of recurrent UTIs. In other words, you can do it without the need for antimicrobial drugs. Why?

Because all common prescription antibiotics kill – but do not heal after the infection is gone. Besides, they mainly relieve the symptoms and often prompt multiple side effects.

I do hope that you will not allow theses saboteurs to distract you from achieving and maintaining your urinary tract health through the natural means. For this and other reasons, I would love to hear what you like (or dislike) most about my URIBIOTIC FORMULA from your own experiences using it.

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At the beginning of every month, we will pick our favorite entry as the winner and publish it on our website. In appreciation for your time you will receive a free bottle of URIBIOTIC FORMULA.

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Wishing you best health and success this day and always,

Andrew Mierzejewski

Master Formulator

Full of Health LLC

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