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Uribiotic UTI Formula

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At URIBIOTIC.COM, we are a division of Full of Health LLC based in Scottsdale, Arizona in partnership with Full of Health, Inc. in Canada. For more than twenty-five years, we have been offering holistic, nutritional and herbal services.

Our purpose is clearly reflected in our motto: "To Help You Keep Your Urinary Tract in Optimal Health. In the Best Possible Way."

We fulfill this purpose by providing our clients and online customers with an alternative, drug-free approach to the urinary health - more natural, lifestyle and diet-based.

We do that primarily through educational information and personalized dietary guidance supported - when necessary - by specialty herbal dietary supplements, our Uribiotic Formula being one of them.

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It is so frustrating and embarrassing to see your physician again and again for the very same reason. After completing an antibiotic course, your infection is... back. Ugh!

So what happens then?

It's not hard to guess. You go home with another antibiotic to take (exactly as prescribed!) for one more week or so.

Yup, that’s how it is usually done at doctor's office, especially in case of stubborn, persistent infections.

It may also be a beginning of a painful trial-and-error process of finding the "right antibiotic" to treat this particular infection...

So, should you have any difficulties coping with your condition naturally, or any queries and issues with our products, or just need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, preferably by email*.

As your urinary well-being is our priority, we are committed to helping you to the best of our abilities, knowledge and experience based on our practice-based research.

On behalf of my team, I wish you best health and success this day and always!

Andrew Mierzejewski

Master Formulator

My Customer Care Team:

Linda Anderson & Andy Paretzky


Full of Health LLC

*Confidentiality Assurance

As privacy is one of the most important issues for all of us on the Internet, please rest assured that all information provided herein is strictly confidential. We do not share any part of it with anyone. Also, your email address is safe with us. We will never rent, sell, or exchange your contact information with anyone.

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Your Optimal Urinary Health is Our Priority

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