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Optimal Urinary and Kidney Health at Your Fingertips

On the Merry-Go-Round of Referrals?

The antibiotics your family doctor has prescribed did not work at all. The symptoms remained the same. So, your primary care physician referred you to a urologist.

After weeks or even months of taking different antibiotics, undergoing additional testing, re-testing, and evaluations, you decided to ask your family doctor for a referral to another specialist.

After a long wait for an appointment, the new specialist reluctantly referred you to a dietitian. And, you were put on such a restrictive diet that you could hardly eat a thing!

Finally, you were told that it all could be in… your head.

You’ve been on this merry-go-round for how long? A few months, a year, or more? But worst of all, during that time your symptoms have not gotten better.

If this all sounds more or less familiar, you have no choice but to learn to manage your problem yourself.

We’re Here to Help

At URIBIOTIC.COM, we are a division of Full of Health LLC registered and based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our purpose is clearly reflected in our motto: “Helping you to optimize your urinary tract function and keep it healthy the natural way.”

We fulfill this purpose by providing our clients and online customers with an alternative, drug-free approach to the urinary health – more natural, lifestyle and diet-based.

We do that primarily through educational information and personalized dietary guidance supported – when necessary – by specialty herbal dietary supplements, our Uribiotic Formula being one of them.

Let Us Know

Should you have any difficulties coping with your condition naturally, or any queries and issues with our products, or just need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, preferably by email.*

As your urinary well-being is our priority, we are committed to helping you to the best of our abilities, knowledge and experience based on our practice-based research.

On behalf of my team, I wish you best health and success this day and always!

Andrew Mierzejewski

Formula Developer

Linda Anderson

Drew Paretzky

Customer Care Team


Full of Health LLC

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