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From time to time, some “scientific" reports allegedly show that such-and-such herbs or vitamins don't work, or may even be harmful to your health.

These “reports” are just a perfect example of an existing and often (still) uninformed prejudice against dietary supplements. The primary goal of such anti-supplement nonsense is simply to discourage their use.

The reality, however, confirms the opposite. When it comes to urinary tract infections (UTIs), you can prevent and remedy them with help of antimicrobial herbs, that is without the need for antimicrobial drugs (antibiotics).

There's another sad, but commonly overlooked truth that makes the lives of millions of UTI sufferers miserable.

All common prescription antibiotics do kill most of infectious bacteria - but

they do not heal the urinary tract after a nasty infection is gone.

That's why antimicrobial drugs mainly relieve the symptoms and often prompt multiple side effects.

Unfortunately, modern medicine keeps reinforcing the idea that anti-UTI drugs are the best and only treatment option. So if the prescription antibiotics you’ve tried were not working for you… If, despite accepting and following your doctor's routine orders, you were still not doing well...

And then, without being sidetracked by standard allopathic medicine, you decided to give the URIBIOTIC a honest try. Why? Because you deserve to live and enjoy a healthy, antibiotic-free life.

So, let us know, please, what you liked or disliked most about our URIBIOTIC FORMULA.

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