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With our URIBIOTIC FORMULA you are no longer helpless in fighting another stubborn urinary tract infection.


A urinary bladder infection (UTI) may come on suddenly, without warning. Consequently, it can begin a long, painful and frustrating battle usually accompanied by endless rounds of prescription antibiotics, also known as antibacterials.

Here’s an irrefutable fact, though:

You do not have to depend entirely on the pharmacological anti-UTI drugs as standard medicine wants you to believe.

Contrary to many physicians’ beliefs, you can remedy and prevent urinary tract infections with help of antimicrobial herbs; therefore, reduce your risk of recurrent UTIs.

In other words, you can do it safely and, with some rare exceptions, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, in laymen terms called medications.

Here’s the main reason why:

Prescription antibiotics do kill most of infectious bacteria (pathogens) – but they do not heal the urinary tract after a nasty infection is gone.

That commonly overlooked “detail” has been making the lives of millions of UTI sufferers miserable.

This is also another reason why after antibiotic treatments the UTI signs and symptoms still can (and often do) persist or even return with full force.


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Our Purpose: “To Help You Keep Your Urinary Tract Healthy the Natural Way.”

Helping to keep your urinary tract healthy the natural way is our priority.


Know exactly what you are looking for?


Not sure what to do?



Helping you keep your urinary tract healthy the natural way:

    • antibacterial
    • antifungal
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antioxidant
    • antiparasitic
    • antiseptic
    • anti-swelling
    • antitumor
    • antiviral
    • bacteriostatic
    • diuretic

This unique multi-herbal formula can surely help you deal with urinary tract infections – both acute and chronic – effectively and safely.

Thousands of UTI sufferers have proven the efficacy of this powerful natural antibiotic. No wonder that it has been named “one of the most effective herbal dietary supplements available.”

And what is most important, there has not been a single reported harm done by taking URIBIOTIC FORMULA.

But don’t take our word for it – try it out yourself.

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I have been purchasing the Uribiotic Formula for my father for the past several months. So far, the results are amazing. My father has a catheter and because of this has suffered numerous hospitalizations with urinary tract infections. I am happy to report that the Uribiotic Formula has been working. It’s so nice to visit him and see him in good spirits. I am so thankful!

Theresa P., Gilroy, California

My daughter with neurogenic bladder, now 10, continues to do great with Uribiotic Formula. No antibiotics for bladder infections for over a year! I was just hoping to put a stop to the damaging antibiotic cycle happening to her body. I never expected it would reverse the damage already done! Once again, from an overjoyed parent, thank you, Andrew!

Jenny B., La Mesa, California

Thanks, Andrew, for your advice and support with my bladder infection due to Pseudomonas [aeruginosa]. Your amazing product Uribiotic stopped the infection and kept it away. I’ve suffered from UTIs for 18 years since my spinal cord injury and now I’m infection-free.

Jason C., Great Britain

I am 64 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 60. Prior to using the Uribiotic Formula, if I stopped taking the antibiotics, I instantly had a painful UTI. Now while taking Uribiotic, I am not having any UTI symptoms and I am not dependant on antibiotics any more. Thank you!

Sylvia Garland, Newfoundland, Canada

I got the Uribiotic Formula and started the treatment. And my dog is doing so much better! No more blood in the urine. She is happy and no more pain. She have had bladder infections for more than 5 months and the vets had her on some very expensive antibiotics.  And since I started her on your Uribiotic she is fantastic!  Thanks so much!

Isilma H., California

As a last resort I tried URIBIOTIC and within a few days the effects were amazing: clear, golden urine and a nice, relaxed bladder. Relief at last. For this, I am most grateful and I thank you!

David P., Devon, United Kingdom

Your URIBIOTIC has stopped the recurring UTIs in my 86-year-old mother. I am very thankful.

Terry P., West Hamlin, West Virginia

Trapped in a Vicious Cycle of Repeated Infections?

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