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Urinary Tract Infections

Naturopathic UTI Products+

Quick Overview

When You Get a Bladder Infection,

Urine Trouble...

Some people may find it humorous and fun, worth a giggle or two, especially those who love this form of wordplays, often used by satirists and called paraprosdokians.

For you, however, and for millions of others, this paraproskodian is not just a figure of speech, but the painful and frustrating reality. Why? Because if you have a bladder infection - ugh! - you are indeed in deep trouble!

Health statistics show the numbers that are alarming and saddening at the same time!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) in the United States alone affect almost 14 million people each year (more than 150 million worldwide). They have been the most common infections in adult women (30:1 female to male ratio).

To treat the UTIs, each year American doctors write more than 2.5 million antibiotic prescriptions. (These numbers are obviously as sweet as honey to the Big Pharma’s ears.)

Another bad news is that urinary tract infections have become increasingly hard to treat. Why? Because of emerging resistance to current antibiotics. The resistance is linked to a longer duration and multiple courses of antimicrobial drugs – as long as six months to two years.

For example, new research discovered that resistance to one of the last resort drugs used - Pseudomonas aeruginosa can develop a lot more quickly than it was originally thought.

A patient infected with this extremely drug-resistant bacterium developed resistance to the antibiotic Zerbaxa (ceftolozane-tazobactam) in just… 22 days. (Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 21 October 2019).

It is also spawned by the worldwide commercial overuse (in fact, abuse) of antibiotics, hormones and microplastics in agriculture, which enter the food chain and our global ecosystem.

Standard Medical Treatments

At present time, a standard medical treatment for UTIs inevitably means antibiotics. Nary a word on dietary or herbal supplements! Despite the fact that more and more people, some ‘white coats’ included, use herbal antimicrobials to deal with urinary tract infections.

Unfortunately, anti-UTI antibiotics are still the drugs of choice for most orthodox health care practitioners. Although many of them know perfectly well that these drugs are often of limited help.

Obviously, taking prescription antibiotics can be - and sometimes is - a wise, even life-saving decision. But that decision cannot be made in ignorance of the existing antibiotic alternatives that can lead to equal or - in many cases - better results.

Avoid Unnecessary Pain and Suffering!

Hence, our long-time participation in bringing to public awareness a vital message, and to many people, a much-needed lifeline of help and hope in the vast sea of unnecessary pain, frustration, and suffering.

Here it is:

Contrary to standard medicine, you can remedy and prevent UTIs naturally. It means that you can deal successfully with your urinary tract infection without the need for widely prescribed antibiotics that - sadly but truly - often relieve just the symptoms and may prompt multiple side effects.

It is our experience that the natural, drug-free approach to urinary bladder infections is truly safe and effective. Above all, it follows the “do-not-harm” principle, by placing the UTI sufferers’ health needs first and foremost.

That's what sets it apart from the standard antibiotic treatments that are usually employed in a trial-and-error fashion.

You Are Not Helpless!

So free yourself from negativity or doubt, if any, and explore with an open mind what so many people still do not know, or do not want to know about the natural approach to urinary tract infections.

And, remember, be more concerned with what is right rather than who is right. The quality of your urinary health, or the health of someone in the desperate need for help, may depend upon it.

First of all, do not be afraid of taking your urinary health into your own hands, if - despite accepting and following your doctor's routine orders - you are still not doing well. Also, when it comes to stubborn bladder infections, make up your own mind without being dominated by your doctor's assumption of authority. Yes, he or she is a health care professional - but with a medical degree, not a degree in herbology.

Only such attitude can help you, or someone you know or hold dear, fully benefit from the non-antibiotic measures for the prevention and treatment of your current or future UTI.

Help Your Body Fight Off Urinary Infections.

The Better, Natural Way.

Uribiotic UTI Formula

All-Natural Potent Antibiotic-Like Remedy

An alternative naturopathic UTI formula in capsules for the holistic, natural treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women i men, spinal cord injured individuals, and even children, especially those with neurogenic, dysfunctional bladder.

Uribiotic Formula can help kill and/or inhibit the growth of more than 40 types of detrimental/pathogenic bacteria, by the way of preventing bacterial cell division and breaking down the walls and cytoplasm of pathogenic bacteria (in a similar fashion to some type of pharmaceutical antibiotics).

Thousands of UTI sufferers have found Uribiotic Formula to be indispensable in overcoming safely and naturally:

  • cystitis (bacterial inflammation of the bladder), 
  • urethritis (bacterial inflammation of the urethra), 
  • prostate infection (prostatitis) in men,
  • interstitial cystitis / painful bladder syndrome (IC), and 
  • urethral syndrome (low grade infection of the Skene's glands of the urethra).

That's why this unique multi-herbal dietary supplement is considered by people affected by UTIs a superior option to standard antibiotics.*

d-Mannose MAX Powder

Natural E. coli Remedy

An alternative complex UTI dietary supplement in powder effective in preventing infectious E. coli bacteria from sticking to the inner walls of the urinary bladder. As a safe and natural option to prescription antibiotics, it supports the immune and urinary tract systems.


d-Mannose MAX is suitable for children and tasting so good that children actually enjoy taking it. Also, it is effective and safe for pregnant women, including those who are susceptible to recurrent UTIs (it can be safely taken as a preventive measure to head off future attacks).


Unlike virtually any conventional medication or even some natural or alternative treatments, d-Mannose MAX is free of side effects of any kinds, neither gastrointestinal problems and yeast infections, nor resistant bacteria.*

UT ProbioticsUltra

Friendly Urogenital Flora Support

A complex non-dairy probiotic supplement in capsules that delivers multiple strains (9 species of microorganisms) to best mimic normal human flora.


UT ProbioticsUltra is capable of surviving the acid environment of the stomach (where pH can fall below 3) and the actions of bile salts present in the intestines. When consumed with other food, it can survive safely the transit through the digestive tract.


Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) have been added, a soluble fiber and prebiotic that selectively support the proliferation of intestinal probiotics for digestive tract health.


Safe for daily use, UT ProbioticsUltra offers a comprehensive urologic and immune system support. Suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, it helps to normalize digestion and supports regularity.*

One of the best-documented applications of quality probiotic supplements is in the prevention, management and treatment of infection and/or inflammation of the urinary tract

The Low-Grain, Low-Sugar Delight 

260+ Simple & Delicious Recipes 

A must-have for whose who are serious about preventing or fighting urinary tract infections through the dietary changes. This e-cookbook contains more than 260 simple, hypoallergenic and delicious recipes. Guaranteed! Both for beginners and experienced users. 


As an alternative to standard low-carb diets, The Low-Grain, Low-Sugar Delight promotes a moderate (not high) consumption of quality fats, along with dark, green leafy vegetables.


All recipes are a satisfying way to cook without choosing between good health and great taste. So, they can also help you lose unnecessary weight (up to 30 pounds, depending on your commitment). 


What you need to do is just open the book and - cook. 

European DP Extract 

BPH & Prostatitis Support

An alternative patented pollens blend in capsules for an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia/BPH) and a prostate infection (prostatitis). 


Still little-known to the American public and most doctors, but clinically proven dietary supplement which has been used with success by men in Europe. Also, backed by numerous controlled studies, both clinical and experimental.


European DP Extract delivers suport for the prostate gland in a way that is fundamentally different from common prostate herbs, including Saw Palmetto.


It can do what no other herbals can: help to shrink your swollen prostate gland, so you may function better during the day and sleep soundly at night.*

Organic Oil of Wild Oregano

(Min. 72% Carvacrol)

Powerful Antimicrobial Agent

A herbal dietary supplement in liquid with the guaranteed amount of carvacrol – an oil distilled from the leaves of organic true oregano.


As a powerful and antimicrobial agent, Oil of Wild Oregano is many times more effective at killing the pathogenic microorganisms than the standard prescription antibiotics.


Carvacrol, revealing strong inhibition of E. coli, Proteus and Pseudomonas bacteria, makes Oregano Oil a very effective remedy for UTIs – in many cases not responding neither to the antibiotics nor to antibiotic alternatives.


Supplemental Oregano Oil is a safe and natural option with no known side-effects, and a great reported success rate.*

Xtragest Digestive Aid

Comprehensive Digestive Tract Support

A broad-spectrum multiple enzyme formulation in tablets, containing 7 digestive enzymes along with ox bile, pancreas substance and betaine hydrochloride.

You are probably familiar with some of the more obvious signs of indigestion. They are an indication of faulty digestion. This condition, commonly underestimated and underappreciated, is directly responsible for a vast array of health problems.

Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced and fast food world, the health of our digestive tract frequently becomes compromised. And at some point, dietary changes alone are not enough to overcome digestive weakness.

Taking supplemental digestive aid helps to restore the digestive functions, so your gut is able to break down both foods and dietary supplements. So they can get into the bloodstream to do their work productively.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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