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Uribiotic Formula

What Our Clients Say 

Real Life Stories & Testimonials*

(Part 1)

All Information is Valuable

But not everybody agrees that this type of evidence is enough to act upon. Until a "formal" proof is established, this matter remains a legitimate question of judgment. And that judgment varies from one person, or institution, to another. This is normal and completely understandable.

The efficacy and effectiveness of our Uribiotic Formula has been based on the epidemiological evidence gathered through observations in thousands of its users.

Worked for Me and It Might for You

We believe, however, that all information is valuable - when placed in a proper perspective. Although not a substitute for a "valid science," personal experiences deserve to be taken into consideration. Why?

Because they are a means of communicating how people can get well in the spirit of "this worked for me and it might for you." As it turns out, for many of them, real-life stories and testimonials are a lifeline, especially for those who feel trapped in their prognosis (another infection, another round of antibiotics!). 

There are so many people who benefit from taking Uribiotic Formula that almost every month we receive new stories from our clients and customers - grateful husbands, wives, daughters or sons. Even healthcare professionals share their personal experiences with us.

They all admit that there are successful, non-drug methods to prevent and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs). Their unsolicited and often spontaneous testimonials are the living proof of that. Although some of these personal experiences may seem too good to be true, believe it or not, they are for real.

What Our Clients & Customers Say

People Write to Us

The outcome was miraculous!


I just want to thank you for your Uribiotic Formula. I appreciate that it is made from herbs - not synthetic chemicals like prescription medications. I am 62 and have only had a few UTIs in my lifetime. However, the second one was a difficult one.

I went to my doctor. He prescribed antibiotics. I took them as directed. Then, I had a urine test to see if the infection was gone. It was not.

So, a second round of antibiotics was ordered. I took them. The infection remained. This went on for 6 rounds of antibiotics.

On the 6th return to the doctor, the nurse told me if this didn't work, I would have to go to the hospital and have a 3-day round of IV antibiotics given to me.

This was my wake-up call. I began to research UTIs and all kinds of treatments. This is when I ran across Uribiotic Formula and ordered it immediately at URIBIOTIC.COM. I also called and spoke with a wonderful person there that told me what to do, including using Mediterranean oregano oil.

The outcome was miraculous! I was able to eliminate completely the UTI with Uribiotic. The UTI that the doctor and the 6 rounds of antibiotics couldn't get rid of was gone with Uribiotic.

I promote this Formula to everyone. And, I keep a few bottles on hand, as recommended. Any sign of a UTI and I take these wonderful, healing herbs.

Thank you!

Terri N.

Indianapolis, Indiana

P. S.

My granddaughter is a long-time sufferer of UTIs and has been on frequent antibiotics in her young life (she is 20). After my experience with a terrible UTI, which was finally healed by Uribiotic, I gave her two bottles and your protocol for "Chronic/Recurring UTIs" to follow. Thank you, again, for such a wonderful product!

What a wonderful supplement!


On the Valentine’s day, I asked my friend if she had that "awesome supplement" for the bladder handy. I had either a UTI (no pain though) or overreactive bladder (too much sweets!), hoping Uribiotic would help me too. Luckily, she did have one bottle left - but with almost past expiration date...

Anyway, guess what? Next morning that urgency feeling was already much, much better! I slept good and felt great! What a wonderful supplement!

I had never taken a supplement that worked so quick!

That’s awesome! I love it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Flavia V.

Phoenix, Arizona

The only remedy that helps me!


I’ve been taking Uribiotic for over 10 years now. I take it a few times a month whenever I feel discomfort and a UTI is coming on.

I’m so prone to get bladder infections and have been since childhood. And truly can’t live without the support of Uribiotic, because UTIs are so painful.

Please don’t stop making Uribiotic!!!! It’s the only natural remedy that helps me!

I also always tell my friends suffering from UTIs about your product and it has helped them tremendously.

Thank you so much!!!!

Sabine N.

Austin, Texas, USA

Cured my strep B!

Hello Andrew,

A few years ago, Uribiotic Formula cured – literally – my strep B infection!* Recently, I was diagnosed with another UTI due to my SIBO condition**.

Now, I’m pleased to let you know that your Uribiotic did the trick again!

Thank you so much!

Nina L.

Barkhamsted, Connecticut, USA

* Group B strep (streptococcus) is a common bacterium often carried in the intestines or lower genital tract.

** Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a medical condition characterized by an unusually large population of bacteria in the small intestine. SIBO is a complication of such digestive conditions as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, and celiac disease.

Really made a difference!


I am a paraplegic T6 for the last 25 years with a folly indwelling catheter. Uribiotic is the only product that really made a difference!

After having my bladder stones flushed, I was taking it for a whole month to really clear out my whole urinary tract. Uribiotic did an excellent job. I really am hooked on this product!

Thanks a lot!

Zack W.

Pembina, North Dakota, USA


The new label is beautiful. Like it! Pretty cool.

Saved my life!

Hi Andrew,

I first discovered this amazing true formula out of desperation from my hospital bed... about four years ago. I think that Doctors are not the end all be all answers to everything they believe they are! A large percentage of people who go in to the hospital actually die from their medical care. 

I had a real nasty UTI. In the Emergency room after all the test results were interpreted by the Doctors (one a student and one a seasoned Doctor), I was told that my "severe UTI" was because I had an E. coli infection. I was advised to enter the hospital right then. 

While I believed I would find comfort in the hospital, I found out quickly that was not the case. Doctor one and Doctor two informed me their plan was to bombard me and my infection with the "strongest anti-biotic" they had, in high dosage. 

After a few says of feeling continually worse, I began to wonder if these Doctors really new what they were doing. A few days later I got the chance, finally, to ask, "What are the odds this medication will actually kill my infection(s)." 

Doctor #1 and Doctor #2 said: "50/50", that is fifty percent you'll live, fifty percent you'll die. REALLY! I was in the hospital for ten days at that time. I knew I had to get out of there. Pharmacy crap was killing me and I didn't want to be a statistic. 

In my hospital bed then I roamed the internet, looking for a non-pharmaceutical way to treat my infection(s). When I found the Uribiotic Formula and read everything, including the facts and testimony, I ordered two bottles of it. 

Next, I got dressed and began to check out against medical advise. No one wanted to help me leave, so I yanked the IV out of my arm and got dressed blood or no blood. I left after tying my own arm tight with a paper towel from the bathroom. I got out of there, still in agony! 

My cure came in the mail just a few days later. I had total faith in the Uribiotic Formula even before I using it. I took the supplement as directed and really and truly, I started feeling better the same day. Even though I felt better day to day, I continued to use the supplement until I used all of it. 

The sever pain I felt when urinating was gone in two days. All my symptoms were gone a couple of days later. AMAZING! From hospital bed to cured in about a week. Truly AMAZING! 

I want to advise anyone who is reading this to take my word. If you can't stand the pain anymore and you're smart enough to realize that the pharmacy doesn't always help, you should be ready to try something that REALLY works. I bought two bottles, but only needed one. It's like money in the bank, having another bottle of Uribiotic Formula in my medicine chest just in case I or my wife ever need it. 

I loved going back to the Doctor all fine a couple of weeks after I left the hospital against medical advise. He was a student Doctor (Doctor "two" wasn't there). I brought my iPad with me with the intention of proving to him what really worked for me. He was surprised to see me looking so much better and he asked me, "How did you do it?" In my mind I thought, "Oh, you mean how did I save my own life?" 

I felt like a life long supporter of Uribiotic Formula as I showed him the website and watched him read everything carefully. And then asked me if that was all I used and nothing else. I said, "YES." 

I know I made him a believer, because he saw me before and after my infection. I knew I left him a little stunned and hoped he might become open to exploring alternatives to the pharmacy industry. 

I felt great and still do, trust me, people. This stuff will help anyone with a UTI. Your Uribiotic is a fantastic product and it saved my life. 

In a world of stuff that doesn't work, I have found great comfort using your Uribiotic Formula and knowing that it really works. 

Thank you very much for the gift of Uribiotic!

Michael O. 

Front Royal, Virginia, USA

The results are amazing

I have been purchasing the Uribiotic Formula for my father on behalf of my Mom for the past several months. So far, the results are amazing. 

My father has a catheter and because of this has suffered numerous hospitalizations with urinary tract and bladder infections. Due to the numerous prescriptions of antibiotics, he had developed a resistance to most. 

For the past few years, he has been in and out of the hospital and rehabilitation centers. This has taken a tremendous toll on him and the whole family, not to mention the financial burden. 

I am happy to report that the Uribiotic Formula has been working. It's so nice to visit him and see him in good spirits. 

I am so thankful to have found your Uribiotic. 

Theresa P.

Gilroy, California, USA

Hundred percent better


I have been on your Uribiotic since June 9th, so it has been 11 days and it looks like the UTI has cleared up! Thank God! 

I'm very excited to feel like this, that is a hundred percent better - more energetic, no symptoms at all - thanks to your Uribiotic Formula. 

I have been faithful to your recommendation about the diet and have not touched sugar of any kind. So, I will continue to stay on this protocol until I finish, probably, the next bottle or maybe even two as I want to make sure my UTI is gone! 

I don't know where I would be without your Uribiotic! I think you are an angel sent from God! Thank you so much for putting your heart and energy into this incredible formula! Without you I would be lost, sick and very depressed!

May God bless you, your company and all that you do! 

Best wishes and eternally grateful, 

Gilynne del C. 

Texas, USA

My symptoms were completely gone!

I had been on Levaquin* and Cipro on and off for three years. But E. coli and other bacteria in the prostate were resistant these drugs, so I went years in abdominal pain just learning how to cope ! 

I'd also purchased bee pollen or grape seed pills to cope... After trying almost everything, I came across URIBIOTIC and after two months my symptoms were completely gone!

I recommend this product 100%!!! 

Thank u thank u!!!!!! May God bless you, your company and all that you do!

Best wishes and eternally grateful, 


James R. 

Hudson Falls, New York, USA

*Levaquin (levofloxacin) - a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that is sometimes used to treat bacterial infections of the prostate. As it can  cause serious or disabling, irreversible side effects, Levaquin should be used only for infections that cannot be treated with safer antibiotics.

Felt like I was 25 years old again!

Dear Mr. Mierzejewski, 

I have waited a while after beginning my regime with your Uribiotic Formula to make sure it works before I wrote my testimonial. 

My history with chronic severe UTIs goes back 40 years. I am 74, active, and a former English and French high school teacher. My husband and I have with 5 children - two are professional artists, one is a research vet, one is a filmmaker, and one owns three businesses. My husband and I have 19 grandchildren and every one of them is committed to making a difference in our society! 

I have been hospitalized a number of times because of the severity of my UTIs. 

I have finally realized, after reading your website and the reviews of your customers, that indeed it is the over-use of antibiotics that have speeded up my cycle of UTIs, as well as making them more dangerous. I have worked to build up my immune system with natural products, no sugar, no white flour, eat tons of veg's & fruits, drink lots of water, and take long walks daily.... but still it hasn't been enough. 

To make a long story short, I found your website last September. I ordered one bottle of your Uribiotic. AMAZING THINGS HAPPENED! Not only did my UTI symptoms disappear (with me, visible blood is immediate)… but I felt like I was 25 years old again! I ordered 5 more bottles to build up my system against future attacks. 

After finishing almost 5 weeks, I went a month feeling wonderful. As the holiday season approached, I was deep in commitments and activity. I got another severe E. coli UTI. This time, my backup Uribiotic supply has worked slower than at first... yet it has successfully stopped my symptoms all by itself, and my energy is coming back in time for Christmas! 

My doctor is a wonderful man, but still limited to his field of medicine. However, he cannot but agree that your Uribiotic Formula is amazing!

Mr. Mierzejewski, we feel the nations of both Canada and the United States should honor you with a statue for all you have done in the field of natural holistic healing! I have just ordered another 12 bottles of Uribiotic plus the UT ProbioticsUltra. I believe these we be all the prophylaxis I need against future bloody UTIs.

We are retired missionaries and we have no income, so we are looking for some kind of holistic care health insurance, because I cannot see my ever stopping your wonderful products! 

God bless you, Mr. Mierzejewski! 

Dottie Powell 

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Killed Pseudomonas completely! 

I'm pleased to let you know that URIBIOTIC killed Pseudomonas* bacteria completely!

Thank you! 

Steve M. 

Dublin, California, USA

*Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacterium - the third leading cause of hospital-acquired urinary tract infections, accounting for approximately 12 percent of all infections of this type usually related to urinary tract catheterization, instrumentation or surgery. It appears to be among the most adherent of common urinary pathogens to the bladder uroepithelium. An infection can occur via an ascending or descending route. It can also invade the bloodstream from the urinary tract. This route is the source of approximately 40 percent of P. aeruginosa infections. As a highly relevant opportunistic pathogen, P. aeruginosa has low antibiotic susceptibility. It is naturally resistant to a large range of antibiotics and may demonstrate additional resistance after unsuccessful treatment.

Amazing natural remedy

Dear Sir: 

I have found your amazing natural remedy URIBIOTIC very effective both for myself and my patients. 

Thanks a lot and more power to your untiring service to every sick individual in the entire world! 



Hyattsville, Maryland, USA

My doctors are astonished

Hello Mr. Andrew Mierzejewski, 

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for me. I had an E. coli infection ruining my life for 6 years. I had seen numerous doctors and I've was tested every way that the medical profession could think of. 

My wife called for an ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital in Bracebridge. Once there, I was diagnosed with a severe urinary tract infection and theyprescribed Cipro 

and sent me on way. The strain of E. coli in me was resistant to that antibiotic and consequently I had another violent attack and my second ride in an ambulance. The hospital experience was too extreme to go into here. 

I went to a urologist who confirmed the E.coli was back. We started the Suprax again. He didn't feel that the two infections were related even though the E. coli strain was the same. After all the scopes and tests he wanted me to endure, he couldn't find the source. He sent me to an Infectious Disease specialist. This medical Triage team sent me for a battery of more tests and used a lot of my time. I went through an amazing amount of antibiotics. I was on Suprax for 3 years. 

Eventually, I as put on Septra and sent home. It took a few weeks and all seemed well. Another drug was eventually prescribed called Suprax. This was meant to be a safer alternative. I adjusted to what I considered my "new normal". Within the year, while away from home again, the symptoms came back but, I knew how to control them better. 

The final round of drugs was Ertapenem. The Doctor referred to it as "the bazooka of all antibiotics". Other doctors referred to it as "Javex, Draino and Bleach". I'm thinking this will solve it. It was administered for 28 days through an IV drip once a day. 17 days later, all my symptoms were back and raging in a full on attack. I started my stash of Suprax immediately and got the infection under control. The Infection Specialist was stumped! 

While on Suprax there weren't any issues with the infection but, I was taking antibiotics daily with no end in sight. If I stopped and did nothing, the infection would eventually kill me. 

The team of Doctors recommended that I start a path of surgeries to remove infected parts and tissue to see if they could cut out where the infection was nested. That seemed rather extreme to me. You referred to it as "barbaric". It would only lead to a reduced state of living and a dependency on the medical industry. 

I stayed the course and did not waiver for 3 months. I called you many times to understand what was happening with me and as time went by, you adjusted the prescription as needed. It was the first 3 months in years that I didn't take a pharmaceutical antibiotic. 

After 3 months, I couldn't believe that it was over the infection was gone and not returning. I waited a few months before writing this note of endorsement. I am amazed and thankful. I have changed my eating habits and added certain supplements to my way of life. I'm not as strict about the diet anymore but I am very strict about the amount of sugar that I will allow myself. My eating habits are much better now. I think I will be amazed for years to come. I never thought I would get through this. 

When the specialists suggested the surgery route I said no. I was going to use your method and your Uribiotic Formula. They were very skeptical. I told the team of doctors about my recovery and they are astonished. One doctor, who has been practicing his specialty with infections for 27 years, said I taught him something new! 

I thank you! You are a treasure. 


Gordon B.

Toronto, Canada

Healed me from head to toe! 

Let me start off by saying (and please keep in mind that I rarely submit feedbacks) that I had to send in this positive opinion on Uribiotic Formula and UT ProbioticsUltra. These two paired up equal excellence! 

Where do I begin. After having a UTI on and off for way too long that I was never able to cure naturally (stayed away from antibiotics), didn't know what to do next. The infection travelled by body from head to toe. I'm talking strep sore throat almost every month before my monthly cycle, on and off burning sensation when urinating, occasional fevers and chills. On top of that indigestion issues such as belching, gas, low stomach acid, you name it. I could not live like this any longer. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Uribiotic and UT ProbioticsUltra have healed me from head to toe! 

I decided to search the web from top to bottom. Fell on the URIBIOTIC website and was intrigued by the product right away. “I'm willing to invest,” I thought. “My health has been bad for too long,” I said to myself.

It has been only one week, but after a few days, my urine is clearer and the burning sensation has decreased by a lot. My strep throat/sore throat is totally gone. Indigestion issues have improved significantly. 

Ladies, even my monthly cycle is a breeze!! No cramps!! I am sold and sad that I did not order more bottles. What was I thinking?! 

All I can say is give it a try!! 

Melissa D.

Ottawa, Canada

Gave me maximum relief

Dear Uribiotic Formula Team,

I just finished taking one bottle of Uribiotic to help with my chronic prostatitis and overactive bladder problems.

I can safely say that this is the first medicine-supplement in the last 5 years which gave me maximum relief in my lingering pain as well as frequent and dribbling, hesitant urination.

No antibiotics or herbal supplements gave me a better relief than Uribiotic Formula. And quicker, just within three days of taking it.

I have one more bottle with me. But can I keep on taking them for a long time to get symptom-free totally.

Heartfelt thanks to you for this outstanding product - Uribiotic Formula.


Prince Koul

New Delhi, India

Helped me to get my life back, finally!


For almost two years I suffered from bladder infection every day! My life changed into a nightmare because of this. Always having to go peeing is terrible! I sold my car and spend about 9,000 euro on doctors and all kinds of supplements. Nothing worked!

Then I got pregnant, but I still was sick and did not want to be in pain and with this urgency constantly. I found out it was the Streptococcus B, so I got an 8-hour antibiotic infuse during labour to save my baby from this bacteria.

Thinking about it all day and not knowing what to do anymore, I did find your Uribiotic Formula on the net!! It gave me hope again – and, yes, it helped me to get my life back, finally!

That one product, Uribiotic Formula, was enough!

Thank you!

Chantal S. F.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Needle in the haystack

Dear Uribiotic Team,

I am very happy to have been introduced to your products.

Being a man with UTI issues, actually, chronic bladder Staph likely due to Lyme’s, I am certainly in a minority of the population, so finding your Uribiotic Formula and European DP Extract was a needle in the haystack.

You are much appreciated.

Be well,

Rich R.

Centereach, New York

No antibiotics for over a year!

My daughter continues to do great with Uribiotic Formula. No antibiotics for bladder infections for over a year! 

Thanks, Andrew! 

Jenny B.

La Mesa, California, USA

*Although URIBIOTIC FORMULA works really well, we need to remind you that the results may vary from person to person. The testimonials on our website, presented as true stories, have not been reviewed by Full of Health and are the opinions of the listed individuals. Should you have any questions about the efficacy of URIBIOTIC FORMULA please feel free to CONTACT US at any time. Helping you to keep your urinary tract healthy the natural way is our priority.

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