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Uribiotic Formula

Antibiotic-Like Remedy

How Does It Work?

Q: What sets Uribiotic Formula apart from standard anti-UTI drugs?

A: Its ability to HEAL the urinary tract AFTER an infection is gone.

Prescription antibiotics lack this ability!

There are so many commercially available herbal and dietary supplements for UTIs. They all are advertised as good, effective and safe.

So, the logical question arises: which one to choose?

Choosing an appropriate supplement is one of the crucial things to decide. It depends upon many factors, most of all on your:

  • condition (how serious it is),
  • knowledge (how much you know about dietary supplements),
  • budget (we all tend to look for the most economic and fast solution),
  • expectations (too high or too low).

But in times of rapidly declining trust and online reality full of pitfalls, it is more and more difficult to figure out which advice or product will fit your needs. Obviously, before you reach for your credit card you would like to be sure that you’re making a well-informed decision, so your hard-earned money will be really well spent on solving YOUR problem.

So, why Uribiotic Formula? What makes it stand out from all the rest?

A Two-Fold Action

First, Uribiotic Formula is a synergistic formula of 60 nutrients, antimicrobial herbs and phytonutrients (plant nutrients). Second, Uribiotic Formula is our sole proprietary multi-herbal dietary supplement.

It was put to test in 2003. And since then, its efficacy (the desired results) and safety (the lack of adverse effects) have been proven by thousands of UTI sufferers around the world – in 34 countries spanning six continents.

But still, what makes it so special?

Uribiotic Formula has a two-fold anti-UTI action:

  • Then, and this is equally important, it helps to heal or even cure the entire urinary tract after the bacteria are gone, making it more resistant to possible future infections.

This is what makes Uribiotic Formula standing out from the rest. Truth said, it is a unique UTI herbal dietary supplement. The only one of its kind, including the selection and quality of ingredients.

It should also be noted that its mode of action follows standard naturopathic protocols by helping to:

  • Eliminate the UTIs, and thus reduce the symptoms.
  • Optimize the health of the urinary tract, strengthen the immune system, and thus prevent future infections both in healthy persons and in those who have a history of UTIs and/or are prone to recurrent infections.

And this is no marketing exaggeration, just the fact.

What’s even more impressive is that, in contrast to standard antibiotics, Uribiotic Formula fights microbes without encouraging the growth of pathogenic urinary bacterial flora.

This point really sets this formulation apart from hundreds of similar “products” and commonly prescribed anti-UTI treatments, both standard and non-standard – alternative or complimentary.

A Powerful Synbiotic UTI Formula

Although some may find it debatable, Uribiotic Formula can be categorized as a synbiotic dietary supplement offering multiple synergistic urinary health benefits.

To be more accurate, it has synbiotic-like properties and effects, namely:

  • synergistic – where its ingredients combined together display greater benefits than either one of them can manifest by itself; and also   
  • complementary – where each ingredient is independently chosen for its potential beneficial effect on the urinary tract health.

Not an exact “mixture of probiotics and prebiotics”, but a combination of nutrients, phytonutrients (plant nutrients) and antimicrobial herbs, Uribiotic Formula beneficially affects and improves the function of the entire urinary tract. It works predominantly by stimulating and enhancing the growth, quality and integrity of urothelium.*

*(Urothelium is a unique, highly specialized epithelium – the multi-layered tissues lining the outer surface of the lower urinary tract: the urethra, bladder, ureters, and renal pelvis; the latter being an enlarged upper end of the ureter, an impermeable tube through which urine flows from the kidney to the urinary bladder.)

Relief within 24-48 Hours

Uribiotic Formula can cause an almost instant disappearance of:

  • the painful burning sensation when urinating (dysuria),
  • the need for frequent urination (polyuria), and
  • the inability to empty the bladder completely, even though you have the urge (urinary retention).

As a powerful urinary immune system booster, it helps:

  • increase bodily defense systems that protect the urinary tract against pathogenic, infection-causing bacteria,
  • prevent bacterial cell division and break down the walls and cytoplasm of bacteria in a similar fashion to some type of pharmaceutical antibiotics,
  • eliminate the harmful bacteria from the inside of the urinary tract without disrupting the normal body functions,
  • modulate the composition of the urine,
  • heal, that is improve the quality and functioning of uroepithelium, or urothelium – an epithelial tissue that lines the distal portion of the urinary tract, including the renal pelvis, ureters, bladder, upper urethra, and glandular ducts of the prostate in men.

The quality of urothelium (the bladder epithelium) is important during bladder infections. It sits at the interface between the urinary space and underlying tissues, where it forms a distensible and effective, high-resistance barrier to:

  • urine (pee),
  • toxic metabolites (that may form as intermediates, side products, or end products of metabolism),
  • uropathogens (microorganisms capable of causing disease of the urinary tract, such as E. coli, commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract).

Urothelial tissue is leakproof and elastic. It stretches and contracts as your bladder fill and empties.

Urothelium also conveys information about the mucosa and urinary space to the nervous and muscular systems, and helps to coordinate bladder function.

Infection Still Present?

(After Medical Treatment)

Here’s again a commonly overlooked “detail” that has been making the lives of millions of UTI sufferers unbearable:

Prescription antibiotics do kill most of infectious bacteria (pathogens) – but they DO NOT heal the urinary tract even after an infection has been declared ‘medically cured.’

This is one of the main reasons why after antibiotic treatments the UTI signs and symptoms still can (and often do) persist or even return with full force.

Simply put, despite the antibiotic “cure”, an infection may flare up and become much harder to eliminate, creating a difficult-to-break vicious cycle. Ugh, it’s back, again!

Also, due to the over-use and misuse of antibiotics, standard medical treatments for UTIs have become less effective; they mostly relieve the symptoms and may prompt multiple side effects.

And lastly, many anti-UTI drugs are not well tolerated by people suffering from urinary tract infections.

Willing to Try a Different Route?

(Drug-Free Measures)

Why are we asking this question?

Because we do know from first-hand experience that urinary tract infections not only can be controlled extremely well through drug-free measures, but also completely healed.

The existing nutritional and medical evidence also strongly indicates – not absolutely but with a very high order of probability – that the natural treatment options for UTIs can be both safe and effective.

You may rest assured, then, that you are not completely helpless in fighting a urinary tract infection the unorthodox, natural way.

So think of our Uribiotic Formula as a safe and effective route to contribute not only to your freedom from UTIs, but also to your optimum urinary tract health, that is its ability to function at its best.

Uribiotic Formula offers real help, real hope, and real healing for anyone in need of preventing and/or treating both the acute and the stubborn UTIs that unnecessarily endanger, or even destroy the urinary health of so many today.

With no doubt it can be of great benefit to you, or some you know or hold dear who is in need of help and willing to try a different, naturopathic and safer route in fighting off urinary tract infections.

Stop Chasing Your Own Tail!

(Feel on the Top of the World Again)

But when, after reading about Uribiotic Formula, you go back to your doctor for an opinion, he or she may say sarcastically, “Uribiotic?! Hogwash! Whom are you going to trust? The Internet? I am your doctor. And as a medical professional, I am responsible for your health.”

Not being sure of who’s actually giving you the correct information, you may face a real dilemma, a serious problem of trust. However, if – despite following your doctor’s routine orders – you are still not doing well, then, you should look at your situation honestly and ask yourself, “Am I willing to try a different route to get better?”

It is a well-known fact that no one is immune to well-meaning but sometimes misguided advice from their doctors. Yes, they are professionals with medical degrees – but not with degrees in herbology.

Unfortunately, as medicinal herbology has been excised from the medical school curriculum, most physicians have been (and still are) misinformed about herbs and botanicals. For a reason, of course.

As a result of this unhealthy situation, many UTI sufferers still have little or no idea that there are options other than medicinal drugs to address it. So many people still believe, or have been told that their condition is much TOO SERIOUS for natural (drug-free) measures to be the proper solution.

Our Uribiotic Formula is an evident confirmation that the quite opposite is true. It offers desired results and the lack of adverse effects.

Once again, urinary tract infections have become a common urological problem seen in most medical practices over the decades, with women being affected three times more than men. Also, children and young adults suffer from this painful and frustrating ailment.

Worldwide, each year more than 150 million people are affected by the UTIs. Our experience has shown that Uribiotic can (and will) help keep you from becoming a sad statistic.

Uribiotic Formula’s two main advantages:

(1) efficacy (desired results)

(2) safety (lack of adverse effects).

But don’t take our word for it.

Try it out yourself.

Skeptical, but proven WRONG!

I have been a quadriplegic for 37 years. Have had literally hundreds of bladder infections many of them resulting in hospitalizations.

I have been looking for an alternative to antibiotics for years. I happened to find Uribiotic while researching a non-medical solution or alternative to a Dr’s prescription.

I ordered a bottle of Uribiotic keeping an open mind, but also being somewhat skeptical. Recently, I started experiencing the normal signs/feeling of a UTI (high fever, malaise, bladder spasms, etc.).

I began taking Uribiotic as directed and literally within two days my fever was gone and after the six-day treatment for the 1st time in my life my symptoms of the infection which without IV antibiotic therapy were gone!

I truly believe this product works and will be using Uribiotic not only when I feel the symptoms of a UTI, but to use to rebuild my immune system and bladder health.

Thank you, Andrew, and your team for creating an amazing and life-altering product.

Jeffrey L.

Waupun, WI

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