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What a wonderful supplement!

February 15, 2021 Hello, On the Valentine’s day, I asked my friend if she had that “awesome supplement” for the bladder handy. I had either a UTI (no pain though) or overreactive bladder (too much sweets!), hoping Uribiotic would help me too. Luckily, she did have one bottle left – but with almost past expiration […]

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Uribiotic – To Take It or Not To Take It?

There are two most common questions asked about Uribiotic Formula: How long does it take for Uribiotic to work? How fast can I expect results? And, there are two honest and true, but discouraging for some people, answers to these questions: It’s more time than with antibiotics. It’s slower than with antibiotics. What Makes Antibiotics […]

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Natural Help for Interstitial Cystitis

Some years ago, we were fortunate to learn from our clients that Uribiotic Formula was helping them to cope successfully with a “touchy bladder,” a still-mysterious condition known as interstitial cystitis (IC), or painful bladder syndrome. Obviously, it was great news to us and to many IC sufferers seeking and appreciating any support or advice, […]

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The Spiritual Aspect of Disease

Our health is influenced not only by our body and mind but also by our spirit. Therefore, the spiritual aspect of disease and illness cannot (and should not) be overlooked. Consequently, addressing the spirituality in our life can (and usually does) improve our overall physical and emotional well-being. Medicine has always been linked with spirituality […]

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Digestive Weakness – An Alarming Situation

Experiencing excessive burping, gurgling sounds from the abdomen, burning sensation in the chest, or constant hunger? Well, these are all signs of indigestion, which is usually a result of overeating. Other than overeating, there are other causes that pave the way for indigestion, such as consumption of greasy and spicy food, smoking, anxiety, and aging. […]

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European DP Extract – The Prostate-Related Problems

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis, acute and chronic prostate infection or inflammation, are a cause of concern, especially in elderly males. The prostate gland’s health deteriorates with age, and an enlarged prostate can cause problems in urination, leading to urinary tract infections. Unfortunately, the main prostate treatments are still prescription drugs or, in serious […]

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