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The Myriad Advantages of Wild Oregano Oil

Plant extracts and herbal essential oils have been used since ancient times to treat wounds and infections. The medicinal properties of herbs and their efficacy need no proof, as this was the most common way to heal or cure conditions, before the advent of antibiotics. Antibiotics, too, are natural products produced by disease-causing organisms like […]

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Uribiotic – A Powerful Synbiotic UTI Formula

Antibiotics have been used for the treatment of many disease and infections dating back to 1928. One of these infections is UTI. However, due to the prolonged usage of antibiotics, some strains of pathogenic bacteria have developed resistance. The golden era of antibiotics might just be coming to a standstill as other more natural and […]

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Safe and Effective Treatment of UTI in Women

The urinary tract is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that cling on to the walls of the bladder, leading to an infection. As the second most prevalent type of infection in the United States, UTIs can be debilitating, especially when they are chronic or recurrent infections. The fear of a UTI for those who […]

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How to Prevent Urinary Infections Naturally

The treatment of urinary tract infections can become a handicap for people, especially women, who suffer repeated episodes. On one hand, their usual treatment usually requires taking antibiotics and increasing bacterial resistance to them. On the other one, you have to carry out a series of hygienic measures. These should contribute to the prevention of the evolution of the infection. Although there […]

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Food Advice if You Have Kidney Stones

There are different types of kidney stones, and according to each case, the feeding advice is different, all with the purpose of promoting the well-being of the person suffering from it. In this post, we will comment on some nutritional advice for those who suffer from kidney calcium stones that are usually the most common. As we know, kidney […]

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Does Your Child Suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis?

At what ages does nocturnal enuresis usually occur?   It is a very common pathology in young children, and it normally tends to disappear as they grow older. Although you as a parent may perceive this as abnormal, it is no reason to worry. Just remember to be patient with them. Occasional involuntary urination while sleeping […]

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Trapped in a Vicious Cycle of Repeated Infections?

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