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Food Advice if You Have Kidney Stones

There are different types of kidney stones, and according to each case, the feeding advice is different, all with the purpose of promoting the well-being of the person suffering from it. In this post, we will comment on some nutritional advice for those who suffer from kidney calcium stones that are usually the most common. As we know, kidney […]

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Does Your Child Suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis?

Nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary form of urine emission by children during the night when they are sleeping. It is an event that occurs when the child is in the deepest stage of sleep and fails to wake up when his bladder is full and should empty it. This could be indicative that the child has difficulty […]

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9 Tips to Take Care of Your Urinary System

The proper functioning of the urinary system is essential to maintain good health.  The organs that form it are responsible for filtering the blood out of our body an average of 60 times a day. In this way, toxins and waste substances are eliminated from our body. This allows us to have clean blood and live free […]

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Trapped in a Vicious Cycle of Repeated Infections?

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