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Uribiotic – To Take It or Not To Take It?

There are two most common questions asked about Uribiotic Formula:

  • How long does it take for Uribiotic to work?
  • How fast can I expect results?

And, there are two honest and true, but discouraging for some people, answers to these questions:

  • It’s more time than with antibiotics.
  • It’s slower than with antibiotics.

What Makes Antibiotics MORE “Attractive”?

Here are three main reasons that make antibiotics more “attractive” than their natural alternatives:

  • Antibiotics have doctors’ blessings (a prescription!).
  • Antibiotics are convenient (no or little lifestyle and dietary changes are necessary).
  • Antibiotics work faster than their natural alternatives (the results can be felt within hours). And this is what wins most people over – the promise of an “overnight” improvement in their condition.

As for antibiotic safety, side effects and potential risks, the dark sides of drugs are rarely discussed. But – they are FDA-approved. That’s what counts.

What Makes Natural Alternatives LESS “Attractive”?

There are also three main reasons that make natural alternatives to antibiotics less “appealing”:

  • Dietary supplements do NOT have doctors’ blessings (no prescription is required).
  • Dietary supplements are not that convenient (often some or major lifestyle and dietary changes are necessary).
  • Dietary supplements work slower than antibiotics (the results can be felt in a day or so). And this is what discourages most people – the lack of promise of an “overnight” improvement in their condition.

As for safety, side effects and potential risks of natural alternatives, the “possibility” of their existence is almost always discussed and/or questioned!

Why? Because, in general, dietary supplements are not FDA-approved. Even more, some physicians discourage their patients from using them, especially in case of urinary infections.

The Decision is Ours!

One fact is for sure though: We all have the right to make our own decisions about the things that directly affect us. One of these things is our health.

Here’s another fact: Urinary tract health resides outside of the false antibiotic comfort zone!

Taking anti-UTI drugs again and again is nothing else but chasing our own tail. So, it won’t help us feel on the top of the world again. That’s for sure too.

Susceptible to urinary infections?

The solution could be right at your fingertips.

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