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Natural Help for Interstitial Cystitis

Some years ago, we were fortunate to learn from our clients that Uribiotic Formula was helping them to cope successfully with a “touchy bladder,” a still-mysterious condition known as interstitial cystitis (IC), or painful bladder syndrome.

Obviously, it was great news to us and to many IC sufferers seeking and appreciating any support or advice, be it medical or alternative, in hopes for finding relief from this chronic, debilitating disorder.

But, after all these years of success with Uribiotic, we weren’t too surprised by this news. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate to explain briefly why – in our opinion – Uribiotic Formula may be of help with interstitial cystitis.

In our working experience, Uribiotic is particularly effective in cases of IC caused by an elusive strain of pathogenic bacteria, so far undetected by standard medical tests.

It can be stated, then, with a great degree of certainty, that Uribiotic Formula, as a multi-herbal supplement, somehow is able to neutralize – to say the least – that elusive strain of pathogens.

By doing so, as a first step of the whole healing process, it can help to ease the intensity of painful symptoms and reduce their frequency.

But the symptoms of interstitial cystitis may also be caused by an abnormal inflammatory response of the epithelial cells, typical to many chronic autoimmune diseases.

For years, Uribiotic Formula has been known to help heal, inhibit and prevent inflammation of the urothelium – the thin tissue lining the urinary tract and acting as a barrier against all kind of insults to the bladder.

Here comes another piece of the “touchy bladder” puzzle:

At times, when people – already affected by IC – are diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI), the symptoms of interstitial cystitis worsen significantly.

In that situation, the function of Uribiotic is quite self-explanatory. This unique formulation has been specifically designed to fight off UTIs. Its two-fold mode of action includes killing the infectious bacteria and healing the urinary tract.

Therefore, it can be said that Uribiotic Formula offers more than just a symptomatic amelioration. When taken as suggested, it can help to address two issues known as the possible causes (etiologies) of interstitial cystitis:

  • presence of pathogenic bacteria and
  • an inflammatory response of the urothelial cells (resulting in urothelial damage or dysfunction).

Uribiotic, then, offers many IC sufferers  much-needed hope and real, practical help, most importantly safe and with no side effects.

It can also be a part of such natural, complementary therapies for the “touchy bladder” as biofeedback, diet, massage, yoga, or Pilates.

Lastly, we have learned that many people, already taking Uribiotic Formula, have experienced noticeably better results after adding some other supplements such as:

All this makes Uribiotic Formula a perfect example of how herbal dietary supplements can help IC sufferers cope better with this painful and mysterious disorder.

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Interstitial Cystitis Beyond Symptomatic Relief

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