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Andrew Mierzejewski

Uribiotic Formulator

My Quest for a Healthy Solution

A Drug-Free Approach to Urinary Infections

Hello, I’m Andrew Mierzejewski, a master formulator and a registered holistic nutritionist with over twenty years’ experience in promoting the non-pharmacological, nutritional approach to bladder infection or acute cystitis, in medical terminology called urinary tract infection (UTI).

Many of you know perfectly well that after leaving the doctor’s office, a typical treatment for a UTI inevitably means (more) antibiotics.

Nary a word on herbal dietary supplements. At the same time, more and more people, some ‘white coats’ included, admit that there are successful methods to fight urinary tract infections other than temporary standard medical interventions.

It is an open secret that orthodox medicine then does “something” that most physicians realize is of limited help. But it is still being done – maybe out of a sense of professional duty or out of desperate measures? Or maybe it is due to its (medicine) powerlessness over this common urological problem affecting more than 150 million women and men around the world? 

Alternative Vs. Standard

All alternative practitioners – nutritionists, herbalists, naturopathic doctors and nutritionally-oriented physicians know that the natural, non-pharmacological approach to UTIs compared to standard medical treatments (read: antibiotics) is clearly a superior, and most importantly, safer and without side effects option. 

Actually, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs, micro- and phytonutrients are wildly used to remedy and overcome acute and repeated, chronic bladder infections by disinfecting the urinary tract (an antimicrobial action). They help to inhibit and prevent inflammation (an anti-inflammatory action), enhance the growth of some forms of beneficial urogenital flora and to destroy some forms of detrimental fungi. 

Obviously, as a holistically-oriented nutritionist, I kept trying to help my clients the natural way, mostly by recommending various health regiments and herbal dietary supplements – but with mixed results, to say the least.

Frustrated, but not discouraged, short-staffed and with limited resources, I was also determined to take one step further. And one day, this determination resulted in formulating a specialty, targeted multi-herbal dietary supplement. I based “my formula” on my personal experience with clients, years of observations, working knowledge, various studies and the available nutritional research.

The Breakthrough I Was Waiting For

Finally, in 2003, my independent quest for an antibiotic-free solution to urinary bladder infections was rewarded with the finished natural product: Uribiotic Formula. Quite soon it turned out to be truly effective in destroying and/or inhibiting the growth of multiple pathogenic microorganisms known to cause UTIs. 

Since then, it has helped thousands of people, both in North America and around the world, to remedy and overcome urinary tract infections naturally and, most importantly, safely. 

The efficacy of this unique, complex herbal supplement continues to amaze even the most skeptical people, including doctors and other health practitioners, nurses in particular. It is no wonder then that it is has been named “one of the most effective dietary supplements available.”

You Are Not Completely Helpless

Here’s the irrefutable fact: although in the United States there are almost 8 million uncomplicated urinary tract infections per year treated with prescription antibiotics, you are not completely “helpless” in fighting a UTI the unorthodox way.

The existing nutritional and medical evidence strongly indicates – not absolutely but with a very high order of probability – that the natural treatment options for UTIs can be both safe and effective.

Unfortunately, in times of declining trust, it is not easy to figure out which advice will fit your needs. So before you reach for your credit card you would like to be sure that you are making a well-informed decision. And your hard-earned money will be really well spent on improving your urinary tract function safely, quickly as soon as possible, and with zero side effects.

Positive Response

People Write to Us

Over the years, I have received many complimentary, unsolicited emails from hundreds of satisfied clients and customers. Below, I would like to share with you one of the very first ones. As a formulator, you usually remember clearly your first feedback, even years after receiving it.

Obviously, such a positive response has meant, and still means, more to me than I could possibly express in words.

Relief within 8 hours

Dear Andrew: 

I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin,* a very strong antibiotic with numerous possible side effects, for an acute and painful kidney infection. After 7 days, it did seem to stop the infection in my kidney, but not in my urinary tract.

As soon as I completed another course of the antibiotic, my order of URIBIOTIC arrived in the mail. I took my first dose of three capsules and within about 8 hours began to feel relief from my debilitating discomfort.

48 hours later, my frequent urination stopped and I had NO discomfort. I will continue taking URIBIOTIC for a few more days to make sure the infection is completely gone. If I had have taken it as soon as the symptoms occurred, I would not have had to take that dangerous antibiotic.

I recommend your URIBIOTIC highly. It does work!

Best regards,

Leona D.

Buffalo, Wyoming, USA

*Ciprofloxacin – a common synthetic chemotherapeutic antibiotic marketed worldwide with over three hundred different brand names, Cipro being one of them.

You are a miracle man

Dear Andrew,

I really appreciate all you’ve done for my health. You are a miracle man and God is with you always.

I told Him all about “this guy” who helps so many people with their health issues.

So, let us hope, regardless of your religious beliefs or none, that He has your back, as He is a fan of those who help others.

Take care my friend!

Shirley Yonce

Wichita, Kansas, USA

Stop Chasing Your Own Tail

Feel of the Top of the World Again!

Taking anti-UTI drugs again and again is nothing else but chasing your own tail, so to speak. Instead of doing so, you should rather focus on the natural alternatives, as they can be of real help in fighting off both acute and repeated urinary tract infections.

Why you should stop chasing your own tail? Here are the three main reasons why:

  • Antibiotics are not ‘cure-alls’ for all.
  • Antibiotics have been making the lives of millions of UTI sufferers unbearable.
  • Many (if not most) standard anti-UTI prescription drug treatments carry risks, multiple shortcomings and drawbacks. Yet, none of these flaws and disadvantages have been resolved to date.

One of these alternatives, time-tested and truly effective, is Uribiotic Formula. You’ll be amazed at how much it can help you to enjoy your UTI-free life again.

My advice, then: Focus on the holistic pursuit of urinary health rather than the chasing your own tail, that is taking anti-UTI drugs over and over again.

There’s always a better, natural way!

My Guarantee

I am confident that my Uribiotic Formula, when taken properly and wisely, will be of great benefit to you – a bladder infection sufferer, or someone you love, or hold dear who is in need for help. Even more, it can keep you from becoming a statistic – one of millions affected by UTIs each year and being sent to a doctor for anti-UTI prescription drugs.

I also guarantee the efficacy and safety of other supplements offered here.

And lastly, should you have any questions or concerns, please rest assured that we always stand by your side, ready to assist you in any way we can. Helping you to keep your urinary tract healthy the better, natural way is our utmost priority.

On behalf of my team, I wish you best health and success this day and always!

Andrew Mierzejewski

Formula Developer


Full of Health LLC

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