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Uribiotic – A Powerful Synbiotic UTI Formula

Antibiotics have been used for the treatment of many disease and infections dating back to 1928. One of these infections is UTI. However, due to the prolonged usage of antibiotics, some strains of pathogenic bacteria have developed resistance.

The golden era of antibiotics might just be coming to a standstill as other more natural and effective alternatives are being researched and used for urinary tract infections.

What is it that these “alternatives” provide that the antibiotics have failed to?

The non-pharmacological alternatives have proven to be safer with little to no side effects. In addition, they take a less aggressive route, unlike antibiotics that not only kill pathogens but also healthy body cells. Antibiotic treatment has also shown a greater chance of recurrent infections due to its inability to heal and promote ‘good’ bacteria responsible for urogenital health.

When nutritionists and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners set off in search of natural alternatives, they recognized and appreciated the unique, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of herbs. The multiple curative virtues of plants, therefore, aided them in coming up with safe and effective non-antibiotic treatment options.

After much research, tests and analysis, 60 phytonutrients and antimicrobial herbs have gone into creating the Uribiotic Formula. Working alongside various dietary supplements, health regimens and recommended lifestyle changes, this formulation proves to be one of the optimal natural treatments for UTI. It was in 2003 that a successful antibiotic-free formula for UTI or acute cystitis came into existence.

The holistic method has benefitted numerous UTI victims around the world ever since, compromising neither on efficacy nor on safety. You may say goodbye to the infections for good because Uribiotic’s two-fold action heals the urinary tract and prevents the recurrence of the infection along with killing harmful microbes. Most importantly, Uribiotic stands out from the rest as it inhibits the growth of pathogenic urinary bacterial flora.

For this and many other reasons – although some still may find it debatable – Uribiotic Formula can be categorized as a synbiotic dietary supplement offering multiple synergistic and complimentary urinary tract health benefits.

You do not have to dread then UTI and pharmacological treatment methods anymore. Uribiotic uses a natural approach to remedy and even cure UTI; hence, presents a real ray of hope for UTI sufferers and relieves symptoms almost instantly. The unique and complex composition of this formula ensures that neither of its components triggers an allergic reaction.

Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts in the formula improve the health of the entire urinary tract. The recommended dosage is four capsules thrice a day in between meals gulped down by four ounces of purified, room-temperature water (the chilled one is less conducive to the body’s natural processes).

People taking antidiabetic or thyroid medications must exercise precautions. This supplement is not advised for pregnant and nursing mothers or women who are planning to conceive.

When it comes to one’s health, one can never be too sure about what method to invest their money in. In times of declining trust, it is always better to seek out a method that suits your body requirements, improves your urinary tract health safely and efficiently with no side effects.

UTI sufferers that had previously felt trapped in their prognosis are encouraged to use Uribiotic Formula after reading the real-life testimonials of people who have benefitted from this supplement. The formula has had positive effect on women, men, elderly and children; the testimonials are proof of their satisfaction and worth of the product. Although your health practitioner is bound to have no objections, it is better to take an opinion.

The statistics are alarming and saddening at the same time. More than 150 million people worldwide are affected by UTIs each year. Uribiotic Formula can help keep you from becoming a statistic.

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